Monday, 6 August 2012

Life Transformation

God is continually changing our lives and it’s not just in the means of changing a piece of clothing or your favourite song or group.

Transformation – the act or an instance of transforming; the state of being transformed. 2.  A change of form at metamorphosis, esp. of insects, amphibian etc.  3. The induced or spontaneous change of one element into another.

My transformation has been coming on for years and it has not stopped yet. It will continue till the day that I die. But what’s great is that God hasn’t given up on me when I fall back to the person I was before. He just holds out His hand and draws me back to the fold.  Which never ceases to amaze me, for I don’t have anything to offer in return.  Other than to bring Him all the glory, honour and praise. 

As a caterpillar builds itself a cocoon.  The caterpillar doesn’t have much to offer and doesn’t look like much but once it has stayed in that cocoon for the right amount of time, then and only then will it come out as a beautiful butterfly. It’s still the same worm but in a different form. And that is what happens when God transforms our lives.  We are still the same people but we grow in character, integrity and in our person. We are then in the process of becoming the people God has created us to be. Our lives being transformed by the Creator of the Universe is not an easy thing for we will continually have to lay down what we think is right or how we feel that people and God owes us. But in reality we owe Him our very lives. For without Him we would cease to exist.  And yet, He loves us unconditionally. I don’t always understand this but am truly greatful to serve a God who will continue to seek me regardless of how I behave.

Friday, 1 June 2012

Empty Spaces

How do you say goodbye?
To someone you love?
How do you walk away?
From the one who holds your heart.

How do walk away?
From someone who has occupied your heart
and mind for so long?
Walking away means turning from your heart.
Walking away means giving up
on dreams that occupied your thoughts night and day.

How do you empty those spaces,
that person has occupied?
That held that person closer than a friend, a sister, a brother...
closer than you could ever imagine.

There is nothing to say or do.

I have to walk away from the one whom I love.
I have to say goodbye to the one who has occupied those spaces of my heart.

Now all that's left...
Is Empty Spaces....

Friday, 23 March 2012

Transformation (written 15 August 2009)

Standing before You, dressed in black, not in colour
but dressed in my sin,
pain and captured by my past.

But then You stand before me
holding out Your hand,
to have me come to You.

Your tears, blood and life,
transforms me from me,
and driven in darkness,
to the colour of Light.

And when I look again...
I'm dressed in white, not just in colour...
But in purity, integrity and grace.
A crown of gold and rubies placed upon my head!

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Finally I am writing my first blog... I am Chevonne Lawrence and I live in a beautiful little town called Ocean View. Which is in Cape Town and yes we do see the ocean from our neighbourhood (depending on where you are standing). I love my hood (as a friend of mine continually quotes).. Ocean View is filled with pain, sorrow, frustration but it is also filled with loads of laughter, joy, kids playing together outside, women congregating a fence and chatting or just saying hey to someone walking past. With beautiful views, faces weathered by life happening, kids playing together, babies crying, women chatting and friends just chilling on someone's stoep I LOVE MY HOOD...